hello !

as promised i am actually starting a blog which i have meant to do for ages, if you know anything about me then you'll know that i love to ramble and type rubbish about myself and my life that no one cares about to mainly amuse myself and WHAT BETTER DAY to start than the 1st of january *coughsecondthirdofjanuary* 2014 !!!! #newyearnewme and all that. ok so my first resolution should be to stop typing such long sentences like the one at the beginning of this post and being such a bad writer hehe jk w/e. so yes i'm starting this and hopefully it'll be funny, or at least make you aware of how great a person i am or something idk idk

anyway i don't know if you've noticed but eeevveeerryyyooonnneee is doing these posts talking about 2013 in summary and stuff and i know it's horribly self indulgent but i thought i'd be a cool way to kickstart the blog to rule all blogs aka mine so here goes ...

5 really great things that happened to me in 2013

danced as a showgirl in my very last cecilian show 'guys & dolls'. this was emotional b/c i had to say goodbye to so many friends and memories. i also got to make a speech at my very last ever cecilian event which was such an honour~ sounds lame but it was so nice to know that at least someone has faith in me and believed i could do it and it's such a boost that i did and it was ( quite ) funny and went down well. anyway just to put it into perspective the society had practically been my life and support system over my four years at uni so it was really hard to say goodbye to the shows and rehearsal process and obv the wonderful friends i'd made through it. but i loved doing the show and totally ended on a high ! (★^O^★)

 i graduated with a 2.1 in june and got an A for my dissertation !!! soz this is such a boring one to hear about but nothing feels better than to work really hard at something and for it to pay off. it allowed me to read an obscene amount of manga in a crazily short space of time and i wasn't even procrastinating ! that A actually reminded me that i'm not always a buffoon who fails at everything.

ok so literally one of the highlights of my entire life, my trip to japan 2k13. the whole two weeks was like a bubblegum pink, high-pitched dream that i never wanted to wake up from ! it absolutely affirmed my true love for the country and culture and made me realise how much i NEED to go back for a good amount of time and experience everything i can. although i've heard living there is quite a different kettle of fish i'd quite like to find out for myself ! so needless to say as going to japan has been a dream of mine since i was really young to fulfil it this year was just incredible

 working in the festival this year for the 4th time was as wonderful and hilarious as always. made more friends and had so much fun and saw so much amazing theatre !!! bests include briefs, the pajama men, baby wants candy, the epicene butcher, chastity butterworth .... and so many more ugh just the best and the thought that i'm going to australia in little over a month ( !!! ) to do it all over again just makes me tingle all over and makes me want to dance

 i never though i'd be typing this but quite a lot of cool work things happened. i lived the changable life of someone who is tossed around the sea of employment as i saved for japan, doing random odd jobs on random odd days and being paid cash in hand. i mean i was a fuckin extra on sunshine on leith fml. i did my very first bar job which was stressful but ended up being well fun and then obvvy i've been working at the playhouse over the past 4 months which has been such a dream (︶ω︶) everyone has been so so nice to me and i've made some great friends and gained so much from working at the lion king !!! and i'll never forget it !!!

ok so all of this was great but here i go with some cute lil resolutions~ 

 be more brave creatively and don't be so self aware about it !!! i want at least one major thing i can say i've created and showcased by the end of the year !!! 

 try and be more open minded about people and not so quick to judge 

 be less of a selfish cow lol 


 be more laid back about relationships I'M SO TERRIBLE T______T 

 make lots of new friends and have lots of fun but keep everyone i love close to me !!! 

ok so this was a typically unexciting introductory post but hey it's hard to know what to start with i promise i'll post suhin more insightful next time. i hope everyone had a lovely new year!!!!!!!!

lots of love